Blizzard in the Bluegrass (AUDIO BOOK)



A digitally created audiobook read by AI.

Despite an ex-husband who abandoned them in the wake of their son’s autism diagnosis, GLORIA SUTTON has her life under control. She has a successful large animal veterinary practice in small town Charula, Kentucky, shuttles her son Noah to all of his needed therapies, and volunteers with the children at her church. Everything runs as smoothly as possible, even if at times she finds herself overwhelmed in the parenting alone department. Eight-year-old boys provide their own kind of unique challenges, and when you throw in a special needs, the whole single parenting aspect can at times overwhelm. She knows that there are days that only the strength derived from God can get her through another moment.

Widower JEFF BROCK moves to Charula to escape the memories of his wife and daughter, leaving behind a prestigious position of doctor of internal medicine at the University of Louisville Hospital to take over his great-uncle’s small town family practice. He has no desire nor intention to ever date again, until his inherited yellow Lab brings him together with his new neighbor and her charming son. Soon he finds himself wanting to let go of the past and, for the first time in years, seek out a future.

When the storm of the century blankets Kentucky under several feet of snow and whiteout conditions on Christmas day, GLORIA and JEFF batten down at her father’s house, counting their blessings and basking in the warmth of their love. Until they discover that eight-year-old Noah is missing. Will they find him before he succumbs to the elements, or will this day forever mark a tragedy in their lives?



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