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June 25, 2021: It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our friend and fellow author, Marion Ueckermann, passed away. Prior to her death, she completed her novella which is included in this anthology. This box set is dedicated to her memory.

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Twelve weddings to remember. RSVP to this epic collection of inspirational contemporary romances that will warm your heart all year round.

January Hope by Kari Trumbo
Cleo Myles, a clothing historian, goes on the hunt for a wedding dress from an 1880s fashion magazine. When she discovers it’s been donated to a museum collection, the only thing standing in her way is a the curator, Lowel Johnson. Unfortunately, he has a no-touch policy on all curated items that just might put a stop to her hunt and her heart.

A Valentine for Veronica by Lisa Prysock
Temp agency owner Veronica Hayworth wonders why she purchased her dream wedding dress without a boyfriend in sight. When an encounter with a former high school peer, now a photo journalist for a wedding magazine, entices her to agree to a wedding feature for the February issue, the pressure is on to find a husband. Will Veronica’s pride and spontaneity lead to her demise, or will her faith lead to love?

I Take You by Marion Ueckermann
Since childhood, Kaia Collins has dreamed about her fairy-tale wedding. But when her father’s choices crush Kaia’s dreams, her fiancé, Leo Campbell, is left scrambling for a solution to their dilemma. Kaia doesn’t want to delay their wedding, and neither does Leo—he’s waited a lifetime to make Kaia his wife.

Adoring April by Chautona Havig
Whoever heard of a church expecting an incoming minister to marry their only single member as a condition for employment? Is that even legal? What kind of woman would possibly agree to such a crazy idea?
What’ll it take for Jesse to go from avoiding April to adoring April in time for their wedding?

A Change of a Dress by Hallee Bridgeman
Belle Merchant struggles to leave the past behind and find a future that has so far eluded her. Scarred by an incredible act of heroism, combat veteran Vince Prince wants nothing more than to become an army chaplain and courageously walk the road less traveled. The two unknowingly come together time and again until they actually meet in person.

Time for Me by Jan Thompson
When Sheryl tries to get a world-famous sculptor to display his artwork in her gallery, she doesn’t expect him to fall in love with her in this friends-to-more romance.

The Wedding Dress by T. K. Chapin
What if the dress you wore on your wedding day had a story to tell?
Alexa Anderson doesn’t want to wear her mother’s wedding dress when it’s time to marry the love of her life, Brad Jackson. Little does she know, the wedding dress has a story of its own to tell . . .

The Wedding Kimono by Camy Tang
A tomboy massage therapist and her boss discover a mysterious message hidden in her grandmother’s wedding kimono. Can her family legacy help her to see her inner beauty and open herself up to love?

One Vow for September by Liwen Ho
She’s a writer with an unconventional assignment, he’s the jaded coworker playing her husband; together they’re one odd couple about to find out how real love is.

Braver with You by Jaycee Weaver
She’d follow her childhood sweetheart anywhere, but first they’ll need all her courage and all his support to make it through the wedding their mothers have planned.

Grateful for You by Dori Harrell
Jeans-only Libby Castleton hasn’t spoken to lawman Jamie Connors since she turned down his proposal. But when she sees a frothy gown in a store window, she knows he’s the guy for her. But winning him back might mean landing herself in jail.

Countdown to Her Cowboy’s Christmas Wedding by Shoshanna Gabriel
A handsome rancher. The girl next door. A childhood promise comes due that could change their lives . . . for better or worse. When their Christmas wedding preparations bring out painful memories of heartbreak, will Kate be able to forgive Jay — and herself — so they can finally be together?


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