Love Makes Way


Childhood best friends find unexpected romance on board a cruise ship. But a well-organized mercenary group takes over the ship and threatens their very lives.

**Releases in 2023**

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Tony Award Winning actress Olive Carter needs a break from the bright lights and big city, so she takes a temporary contract to star in a show on board a cruise ship. She needs to take the down time to decide what she wants to do with her future.

Gerrry McBride and several members of his Special Forces A-Team are on board the ship this week to attend the wedding of their former medic. Gerry is stunned when he sees the poster about the show. He last saw Olive Carter after rescuing her from a helicopter crash ten years before.

He quickly seeks her out and the two very quickly feel the attraction. She wonders if God brought her to the ship with the intent of bringing her back into Gerry’s life. Gerry has no doubt that Olive has always been the woman for him.

The romantic interlude is interrupted when motivated and highly organized weapons dealers and mercenaries execute a well-planned action to take over the entire ship. Gerry and his team go into action. They must save the lives of all the passengers, even if they must sacrifice everything along the way.


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